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Published: 18th February 2011
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About one in every ten sellers get their Amazon account suspended for various reasons. This could lead to some serious damage on your online business. Sometimes your account may get banned because you did something unintentionally, you had low feedback or too many claims against you. Either way, a suspension is a suspension. As a saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure." You should avoid getting your account on Amazon suspended as much as you can. But in the worst case scenario, and you actually got your account on Amazon suspended, worry not. I know of a guide which could help you get back on Amazon. It's called "Amazon Ghost". It contains information on how to actually avoid from having Amazon detect and link your accounts by using stealth accounts. Aside from that, it also teaches you how to keep your accounts active for longer periods of time, or even keep them active forever! Amazon Ghost will eliminate all the troubles related to suspended accounts and is beneficial in understanding the causes & solutions for your account suspension.

There are a lot of reasons why your account may be suspended by Amazon. If you make another account after deleting cookies or by changing your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your accounts will still be linked and suspended. You may think that it's the end of things, but let we have good news for you. We know a guaranteed way of circumventing Amazon's accoutn suspension. Amazon Ghost will teach you step-by-step techniques that will help you get back on Amazon and stay on after a suspension.

Some of the reasons Amazon will suspend and block your account:

  • Buyer Remorse (a complaint from a buyer)
  • Feedback Extortion
  • Selling High Risk Items
  • Not Following Through With Orders
  • Low Feedback Score
  • and more.

You should know beforehand that creating new accounts while using you old information is not allowed by Amazon. Amazon's system is so powerful that it will trace and link your identity in no time and get your new account banned immediately. Amazon Ghost e-Book is the key to creating a new Amazon Stealth account. The guide was designed after months of research and testing. Time-tested techniques are listed in the book. Want to be a step ahead? Use this guide, create Amazon Stealth accounts, and rack up sales in no time!

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